Step 1 - Your information

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Step 2 - Select service

P.O Box with key

I will pick up my mail att Brevia's office at Frejegatan 13 in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you choose to pick up your mail will an additional charge of 200 SEK as a deposit for your key. There for an extra 100 SEK per extra key. Do get back the deposition you need to return the key(s) before you cancel your P.O box.

P.O Box with forwarding (world-wide)

I want you to forward my mail via email or regular mail. Upon forwarding through regular mail we charge 9 SEK in stamps per send. If you want contents of your P.O box send to you by mail we take 29 SEK for the first 10 pages and 1 SEK per extra page.

Step 3 - Payment

Payment period
Note: payed rent for the P.O box will not be refunded.

24 mo 3790kr
12 mo 1995kr
6 mo 1275kr

3 yrs 5685kr
5 yrs 9475kr
10 yrs 18 950kr

Nyckel 1 + 200 SEK
Nyckel 2 + 100 SEK
Nyckel 3 + 100 SEK
Nyckel 4 + 100 SEK
You will obtain your P.O box key upon your first arravial at Brevia's office. You can also get it sent by regular mail.


Make your payment with credit card.

Step 4 - Accept

Please read the terms & conditons.

Agreement between Brevia Mail AB ( Brevia ) , 556912-7334 , and Lessee (the Customer ) . 

§ 1 Brevia mission Brevia sort daily mail received at Customer's PO Box.
This also applies to mail via courier and other carriers .

§ 2 The customer's contact Brevia In all contact with Brevia the customer must identify with the chosen password to eliminate the risk of unauthorized over the record.

§ 3 Brevia 's responsibility for lost mail . Brevia not responsible for Posten AB , Citymail AB or another postdistributörs before commented mail . Brevia not responsible for such changes in address.

§ 4 Depositions of key . Customer deposits 200 dollars for a key to the mail box . Want more keys will cost about $ 100. Key Deposit paid only once for a nycklel . Brevia refund the deposit when the key is returned before or during the rental period. Refunds are made via the Bank .

§ 5.1 The Customer is responsible for addressing incoming mail to the Lessee as follows:
Box X
114 79 Stockholm


Frejgatan 13
114 79 Stockholm

§ 5.2 Post -addressed C / O a lessee will be returned to sender. All forms of rental of the post box in the alternative leads to an immediate termination of the lease.

§ 5.2.1 It is under no circumstances allowed to use Brevia 's mail boxes as a registered address . However , we recommend to register the postal box as a separate address.

§ 6 Forwarding & Scanning If the customer wishes
Brevia forwards received mail to the Customer by e-mail or regular mail . This service replaces the Customer Brevia the current price list . Current pricing is always available at

§ 7 Customer use of the mail box Customer warrants Brevia that by use of mail box does not violate Swedish law. In the event that this does occur reserves the Brevia right to terminate the lease immediately.

§ 8 Payment of the rent period. To extend the rental period paying customer of Brevia posted invoice 30 days before the rental period. Reminder fee charged for late payment .

§ 9 Termination . In case the Customer does not wish to extend the rental period , no payment. A no payment perceive Brevia as a termination of the rental period is over.
If the customer chooses not to renew the lease requires the customer not the late payment fee . It is the customer's responsibility before the lease end to change their address , Brevia offers no redirection after the rental period. Swedish address nor can accomplish this.

§ 10 Treatment of incoming mail on completion of the rental period. Upon completion of the rental period will Brevia
To safely destroying all incoming mail .
Returning the item to the sender takes place thus not .

§ 11 Brevia refund the deposit for keys provided that the key is returned by the last day of rental .
Repayment of funds for unused rental periods or by broadcasting non-refundable.

§ 12 Approval of Agreement The Customer accepts this Agreement by clicking the Approve agreement on the registration page